Gift Shop

***UPDATE***Our Restaurant, Ice Cream Parlour and Gift Shop are all open 11-8 daily. We have inside and outside dining available everyday for our customers.

Cornwell’s Turkeyville started their gift shop in 1987 and is 4,000 square feet of gifts and more!

Can’t wait for your next trip to Turkeyville?

Shop Turkeyville At Home, our new on-line gift store. 


The gift shop is composed of a variety of gifts and souvenirs appropriate for every member of the family. We have a toy section for the little ones, a nice selection of purses, jewelry and scarves for the ladies, and plenty of things to accessorize the man cave. We have fun ideas for that special someone with a sense of humor and great ideas for weddings, showers and other special occasions. 

You’ll  find preservative-free jams and jellies, a wide range of old fashioned candies, teapots, garden accessories, and much more. We purchase our merchandise at the Atlanta gift show once a year when a team of 4 managers choose all the merchandise that the gift shop will carry for the year. They are always looking for interesting as well as trendy items to carry in our gift shop.

American Made with a Michigan Focus

Cornwell’s tries to help support other local businesses by displaying their merchandise in our gift shop as well. And we try as best we can to carry items made in the U.S. and Michigan whenever possible.