Our Restaurant, Ice Cream Parlour and Gift Shop are all open 11-7 daily. We have inside and outside dining available everyday for our customers.

Thanksgiving with Cornwell’s

Turkeyville Take-Out

Pick up times available on Wednesday November 25th from 11:00-7:00 or pick up Thanksgiving Day at 10:00, 11:00 or 12:00 To place your order or for any further question you may have.

Dinner Choices

Dinner for 2: $50.00

2 pounds of Sliced Turkey, pint of Mashed Potatoes, pint of Sage Dressing, pint of Squash, pint of Gravy, dish of Cranberry Relish and 4 Dinner Rolls.

Dinner for 4 $80.00

3 pounds of Sliced Turkey, quart of Mashed Potatoes, quart of Sage Dressing, pint of Squash, pint of Gravy, dish of Cranberry Relish and 6 Dinner Rolls.

Dinner for 6 $168.00

The Dinner Includes” one 14# Cooked Turkey, 2 Quarts Potatoes, 2 Quart Sage Dressing, 2 Quarts Squash, 2 Quarts of Gravy, 1 Pint of Homemade Cranberries, 12 Fresh Dinner Rolls, and a choice of one Homemade Pie.

Dinner for 10 $250.00

A 20 pound Cooked Turkey, 3 quarts of Mashed Potatoes, 3 quarts of Sage Dressing, 3 quarts of Gravy, 2 quarts of Squash, quart of Cranberry Relish, 1 1/2 dozen Dinner Rolls, and 2 whole Pies of your choice.

Dinner for 15 $340.00

A 30 pound Cooked Turkey, 4 quarts of Mashed Potatoes, 4 quarts of Sage Dressing, 4 quarts of Gravy, 3 quarts of Squash, one quart and 1 pint of Cranberry Relish, 2 dozen Dinner Rolls, and 3 whole Pies of your choice.

Menu Additions

Add Quarts and Pints of your Favorites:
  • Sage Dressing
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Hubbard Squash
  • Amish Noodles with peas and carrots
  • Cranberry Relish
  • Gravy and Cole Slaw
  • Fresh baked Dinner Rolls in packages of 12.

 Homemade Pies: $16.99

Rhubarb, Blueberry, Apple, Pumpkin, Cherry, Pecan, Lemon, Banana, Coconut, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Reduced Sugar Apple

Carrot Cake: $11.99

8×8 pan of our delicious Carrot Cake topped with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Oreo Brownie: $11.99

8×8 pan of our Brownies with Buttercream Frosting and Crushed Oreos.

Chocolate Brownie $10.99

8×8 pan of our Brownies topped with Chocolate Frosting.

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