Robot Lab:

Decorate your bot, then program it to complete your secret missions! This hands-on kit unites all the STEAM skills into one exciting lab. Customize your bot with embellishments to make a googly-eyed monster bot or a feathered bird bot. Simple push-button programming sets your robot off on missions like drawing with a pen and bulldozing objects through an obstacle course. Science kids will learn basic robotic coding while measuring distances and angles and developing hypotheses they can test. Robot lab combines all the benefits of STEM toys and science projects for kids into one rewarding kit that will have them thinking outside the bot!

• With push-button programming, kids can make their robot draw with a pen, bulldoze objects and more!
• Encourages an early interest in programming, technology and computer science for kids.
• Includes 3.5” x 4” robot, decorating supplies, obstacle cones, wooden cube, pen, marker, bulldozer and magnet attachment, metal stars, grid paper and instructions.

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up

Rocket Lab

Be a rocket scientist as you use basic principles of chemistry to launch 2 rockets into the sky! Learn how to mix some basic ingredients to propel rockets in full force through the power of an fizzy reaction. Put your favorite mini figures (not included) in the cockpits for an ultimate rocket race. Science kids will love conducting cool science experiments that test fuel and trajectory variables. It’s an exciting chemistry kit that defies gravity through chemical reactions!

• Launch rockets with surprising force using basic chemistry.
• Conduct fun science experiments with an exciting, explosive payoff.
• Promotes scientific reasoning, development of hypotheses, observation and deduction.
• Includes 2 rocket bodies, 2 rocket tips, 8 fins, 2 film caps, rocket stand, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, beakers, funnels, small pitcher, goggles, balloons and decals to customize your shuttle.

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up