100% Arabica Coffee – One Pot Servings

100% Arabica Coffee – One Pot Servings


Sinful pleasure….or….Yankee doodle are FAVORITES!! These convenient one pot packages let you have a different flavor of coffee each time without the investment of a whole bag!

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Average 8-10 cups per package. Available flavors:

Sinful Pleasure (maple, caramel)
Coconut Cream
Jamaican Me Loco (kahlua, caramel, vanilla)
S’mores (chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker)
Carmel Mudslide
Cookie Doodle
Turkeyville Style Light Roast

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Sinful Pleasure, Sinful Pleasure DECAF, Yankee Doodle, Coconut Cream, Jamaican Me Loco, S'mores, S'mores DECAF, Carmel Mudslide, Cookie Doodle, Cookie Doodle DECAF, Turkeyville Style Light Roast

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