Civil War Registration


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A  Civil War Battle Re-Enactment & Living History Event

Host: Cornwell’s Turkeyville USA

 City: Marshall, MI

Dates: June 15–16, 2019


Registration is FREE                                                                              


Mail Registration: Civil War C/O Turkeyville 18935 15 ½ Mile Rd, Marshall, MI  49068

Email Registration:                        Web Registration:


Name of Unit:_____________________________________________________ USA_______ CSA________

Type of Unit: Infantry: ________   Artillery: ________  # Artillery Pieces: ________

Cavalry / Horses ________ Must have proof of Coggins at registration check in.

Tents: ________ Dog/Shelter ________  Wedge /A________  Fly ________  Wall ________

# Civilians: _________________   # Minors under 12: ______________________  Total: _________________


Special Impressions: ________________________________________________________________________

Type of Impressions:  Military: ___________________________  Civilian: ____________________________


Contact Person: _________________________________________  Title: _____________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________  Email: _______________________________________


Attach ROSTER to back of this form or attach word document if emailed.  Cleary Print all Participants Names, Identify as: Civilians, Minors or by Military Rank.



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