Civil War Reenactment

Civil War Reenactment

Turkeyville Civil War Reenactment

June 14,15 2014

Turkeyville is deep in family history. We are a four-generation family business setting on a 175-year-old family farm. The Hawkins family was the first white settlers in Calhoun County. It is this and the family passion for history that make the Civil War Reenactment so important to Turkeyville.

We have 400 acres of land to create a one of a kind reenactment. The civilian living area to include such things as a post office, a school, a surgeon, dress shop, dressmaker general store and saloon complete with lemonade and big pickles in a crook. This year’s Battle is fought through the trenches. President Lincoln and the generals of the battle will be attending to make sure that we maintain the accuracy of each battle that is performed at Turkeyville.  We will have a debate with the generals and active conversation throughout the entire weekend.

The re-enactors will be from the local area Calhoun County. The event will draw from a larger geographic region as well. We are expecting 300 re-enactors and families to in the area for the 3-day event. The spectators will also be from the local area as well, coming in from the surrounding cities. The economic impact will be considerable considering that most of the re-enactors will be in the area for 4 to 6 days.

Turkeyville’s purpose of the event is to educate adults and children about American history and why it so important to all of us while making it fun. We are taking all the necessary steps to insure that it will be realistic and understandable to that entire visit

The ensure that it is understandable there will be an interrupter at the line of battle and they will be telling the story and the step by step of how battle was done in that tome and what the straty was. This will help to understand how the and why of the battle. We are attempting to create a free event for all so that the family can come our to the reenactment and spend the day and little or no money.




Testimonials from 2013 Civil War Spectators


“ Turkeyville is known for quality events and the Civil War event is no different. It’s like going back in time. The accuracy of the event is always fun to see what going to happen each year” Sharon Adkins



“The Civil War event at Turkeyville is one of the best civil war events in the area”. Lance Kilburn


“As a reenactor I just want to say that this is a really well organized weekend. The Cornwell family knows how to put an event together“

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Schedule for the Civil War Reenactment at Turkeyville 2014 



Saturday June 14 


Grounds open to the Public  


10:00 are Jefferson Davis starts the day with talk and discussion about what is going on the world at this time- (setting the stage for cilivans that happen upon the village) 

11:00 am – Fashion Show- to include- widow, mourning, clothes of the day – personal story with clothing. 

12:00 lunch 


1:00 pm - Lincoln – From Lincoln point of view set up for the battle 


1:45 ish pm - The Washington's – Connecting the black history to the battle – set for the battle 


During the Washington’s discussion the Temperance walk (interrupts – planned) and takes over  


3:00 the battle –The Battle of Turkey Run 


4:00 pm  - hunting for solders 



Sunday June 15 


10:00 am – Church Service 


11:00 Jefferson Davis discussion 


11:45 until 1:00pm – daily activities of Life the Civil War 


1:00pm -  Battle  


3:00pm  - Field activites 


4:00pm – Civil War Reenactment