Apple Pie Baking Contest

Join us for Cornwell's Apple Pie Baking Contest

Do you have an amazing pie recipe? Maybe one handed down from a family member? Or maybe one you have created yourself? Join us on May 3rd for our Apple Pie Baking Contest!


This event will coincide with our BBQ Cook off!

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Contest Rules

How to Enter:

  • Starting April 4, 2014 registration will begin on our website. Entry fee is $25.00
  • The number of contestants will be limited to 100, so don’t delay!
  • Bring 2 IDENTICAL PIES to Cornwell’s Turkeyville by10:00 am on Saturday May 3, 2014.
  •  Judging begins at 11:00 am. The event opens to the public at 2:00 pm.


  1. The Contest is open to anyone wishing to bake an APPLE PIE.
  2. Only Double Crust Apple Pies will be accepted, no Crumbles, Crisps, Betty’s or Pan Dowdy’s allowed. Official Turkeyville Apple Pie Contest judge’s ruling as to eligibility will be final.
  3. Pie MUST be checked in by 11:00 am on contest day (5/3/14)
  4. No other fruits may be added (juices OK).
  5. Pies that need special handling, refrigeration or heating elements are not allowed.
  6. The finished pie cannot contain raw/uncooked eggs (white or yokes). Egg must reach 160 degrees to be considered cooked. Official Turkeyville Apple Pie Contest judge’s ruling as to eligibility will be final.
  7. We recommend that pies are baked in disposable pans only, as pans will not be returned.
  8. Pies will be scored on Appearance, Crust, Filling and Overall Flavor/Taste.
  9. Top Winner will receive a trophy and prize; Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Place Winners will receive ribbons prize.
  10. If you wish to bake a pie and not have it judged we will be happy to accept it and sell it by the slice.
  11. Following judging, the pies will be sold to the crowd. All proceeds go to the top three winners.


How it Works

The contest is open to 100 entries. At check-in, pies will be randomly assigned a number and a group. There will be two rounds of judging. In round one, two judges will agree upon the top two pies from each pie group using the criteria below. The selected pies will proceed to round two. In round two the judges will score each pie by the percentages below in each of the following categories to arrive at the seven finalist pies.

  • Appearance: 10%
  • Filing & Crust 40%
  • Over All Favor/Taste: 50%

Appearance – 10%

Pre-Slice:Basic eye appeal. To what extent does the whole pie entice you to want to try it? Is the decoration creative and appetizing?

After Slice:A single slice unveils the looks and consistency of the filling and crust. Pies should have generous, well distributed fruit as well as, good color and definition.

Crust & Filling – 40%

Crust & Filling:The judges will evaluate two primary components of a pie – individually and then as a combined entity. These two components are the crust and the filling. They should first each stand on their own merits; and then blend together into a great combination. The judges will evaluate aspects of the crust first, then the filling. Here are some aspects they will consider:

Flavor:Nice aroma, pleasant, uniform flavors. All ingredients taste fresh and are well balanced. A complimentary use of spices and seasonings that is not overpowering. Generally, crust has a pleasant, mild flavor that complements the filling. However, in some specialty pies, the crust may be used to help create flavor accents.

Crust Consistency:Pastry crusts should be flaky and delicate, but not fall apart too easily. They should melt in your mouth with a mild, pleasant taste that complements the filling. They should be a light golden color, baked throughout and an even thickness across the side and bottom. The crimp should seal thoroughly all the way around the pie.

Overall Flavor – 50%

This is the judges’ final chance to rate the pie overall. What makes a good pie? Here is a brief guideline for what traditional wisdom makes a good pie…

Crust:Flaky, melt in your mouth consistency that has a mild, pleasant flavor and is baked evenly throughout to a light golden color. The crust should have a tight seal around the edges.

Filling:Smooth uniform components with pleasant aroma and flavor which matches the advertised flavor, appealing color, and a nice aftertaste. Fruit used in quality pies should be well defined; good size, evenly distributed and have a firm, but not overly crisp, texture.



We thought it might be helpful to share our responses to some common questions we’ve been asked about the pie contest in past years:

Are Nuts Allowed?Yes, all nuts are allowed.

How about bacon? Or cheese? As long as apple is the main player, yes, you can add other flavorings. No meat pies here, folks! That being said, the simpler pies tend to be the winners.

Is this an apple pie eating contest?No, it’s an apple pie baking contest that anyone can enter. However, if you want to eat apple pie, we need you too! After the judging, all of the homemade pies are available for sale, either in slices or whole. We just won’t keep track of how much you eat or how fast, which is a good thing.

Where do we go to turn in our pie?Come to the registration table in front of Turkeyvillebetween 10:00-11:00 a.m.  We will point you in the right direction from there!

Should the pie be brought at room temperature or warm?This is entirely up to you. But please know that, in the past, some of our winners brought their pies in hot, and others made their pies the day before. So we don’t think that the temperature of the pie upon arrival matters much in determining who the winners are!

What’s the earliest we can turn in our pie?Pie check-in opens at 10:00 am.  All pies MUST be received by 11:00 am. Please remember DO NOT BE LATE we won’t accept your pie for judging after check in has been closed!

Will you REALLY turn my pie away if I’m late?Yes! We hate to do it, but rules are rules! And it is only fair that all contestants have the same time restrictions. So, allow yourself plenty of time for baking & parking.

Can I bake my pies in non-disposable pans if I’m all OK with not getting the pans back?Yes, if you don’t mind losing your pan, you are welcome to bake the pie in a different kind of pan. But, based on past years winners, some in disposable pans, some not, we do not believe it impacts the outcome of the contest.

Why do we need to pay an entry fee? We have to pay for the expenses of the event. Your entry fees help make this event possible! So, thanks so much for helping us out!

Why do we need to bake 2 pies?Because there are multiple rounds of judging, we need 2 pies from each contestant so that the appearance of the whole pie can be judged in each round. When you arrive at pie check-in, we will ask you which pie you would like to be your “appearance” pie. That one will remain uncut as long as you are still a contender to win!

Is this event kid friendly?Yes! The Apple Pie Contest is for all ages!

Is this event pet friendly?Pets are welcome but, they are not allowed in the judging area.

What if I need to cancel and not participate in the contest?If your plans have changed and for some reason you won’t be able to attend, let us know so that we can allow others to register! Unfortunately, we will not be able to return your entry fee.

If you have any questions please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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